Floral Design Tools

March 28, 2009 at 12:34 PM (Floral Design)

Floral design has a range of tools to make designing more efficient and support elaborate designs.

Waterproof clay: This is used to position accessories in a floral arrangement. The surface must be dry and dust free for it to work.

Floral Stem Tape: Often used to disguise wire when wiring stems. This material stretches and sticks to itself, it comes in a variety of colors, including green.

Anchor Pins: Used to secure foam when tape will not be acceptable. Pins are super glued to the surface then the foam or flower is pushed onto the pin.

Wire: Comes in different gauges. This is used to support flowers or other elements of the design

Floral Foam designer shapes: Floral foam in any non-traditional shape. Sometimes the foam is secured inside a wire cage

Thorn Stripper: This is a narrow tube with a hinge to allow it to open. It is placed around the top of the stem and then slid down to remove any thorns.

Finishing spray: This coats flowers to prevent petal drop, dehydration, browning, and wilting

Floral Knife: Use to cut floral foam

Scissors: Cut flowers, ribbons, not to be used on wire

Silica Gel: Use to absorb water when drying flowers to preserve them

Crystal Clear: A preservative used in clear containers. This will keep water clear for the life of the design

Paddle Wire: Thin wire wrapped around a paddle rather than a spool. It won’t roll away. This wire is used to wire together elements of the design

Raffia Grass: Used to disguise wire or to bind flowers together

Pin Straightener: Small tool that will straighten pins on foam holders

Vase Fillers: Rocks and other materials are used to fill vases and provide a decorative way to disguise stems



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