Floral Competitions and Schools

March 18, 2009 at 2:55 PM (Floral Design)

Floral competitions and schools allow future designers and current florists to advance their skill and knowledge. FFA and 4-H offer competitions to High School students. These motivate students to pursue their interests in floral design.

FFA Floriculture CDE

The Floriculture CDE tests the member’s ability to work in the floriculture and floral design industry. The participant must know how to raise and care for plants and flowers, treats unhealthy plants, use equipment properly, properly design a floral arrangement, interact with customers, and keep records of finances and plant care. The competition consists of multiple events. The team activity allows a group to simulate a customer interaction, demonstrate equipment use, or complete an arrangement. The individual activities include the opportunity to identify plants, demonstrate knowledge of plant care, follow through with problem solving, and a practicum. The practicum includes completing a floral arrangement, a job interview, and completing a sale. Then the participant completes three more tasks. This year they may chose from asexual propagation of plants, handling a customer complaint, identifying and controlling plant disorders, make and package a corsage, media selling, and potting plant cuttings. The tiebreaker uses the scores of the arrangement, sale, and job interview, in following order, to determine placing.


Tips for Floral Design Competitions


Arrive early

Adhere to the competition theme

Don’t bring supplies that are not allowed

Evaluate your work

Stick to the design elements

Monitor time

Review judges comments

Be objective and open

Evaluate the successful designs



Place your name on the design, or on part of the design

Try an unpracticed technique

Overwhelm the design


Floral design schools give people the opportunity to start a new hobby, or build upon existing knowledge. The Houston School of Floral Design is an example of the programs offered. The classes offered provide skill and credibility to the florist.


Houston School of Floral Design


Arrangement: Contemporary, Geometric, and Classic floral arrangements are covered. Tuition for the 10-hour course is $296 and supplies are included


Wedding Session: Bridal and attendant bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and hairpieces are covered. Includes decorating both churches and cakes with fresh flowers and garden weddings. Tuition is $296.


Shop Management and Sympathy: Student must complete both Arrangement and Wedding sessions. The Sympathy course will cover flat sprays, casket sprays and tributes. Students will learn how to interact with the deceased’s family. Shop Management will cover care for flowers, finding suppliers, making displays, sales tactics, business promotion, tax code, and opening a business. The tuition is $296


Advanced Arrangement Seminar: Covers European designs. Students should have one year of experience before enrolling in this class. Tuition is $396.



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